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Humorous restroom signage

Let's face it: restroom business can be an awkward subject. And even if you don't particularly enjoy bathroom humor, having a little fun addressing the topic can help take the edge off embarrassment over nature's unavoidable call.

Here are a few types of creative, humorous bathroom signs that can help lighten the mood:

Creative takes on the "male and "female" symbol
There's a whole genre of signs that go the comic route – many simply edit the traditional white-on-blue symbols for "man" and "woman." Several interpretations depict the legs-crossed position that universally indicates an urgent need to use the facilities. Other signs – probably best reserved for establishments with a specific clientele who would appreciate humor that's a bit coarser – use simple shapes, and yes, even architectural structures, to depict the differences in male and female anatomy.

In family-friendly establishments, there are plenty of options that can add a bit of unexpected personality. Some signs simply add detail to the symbols – like a hat for the "man" and a ponytail for the "woman." Other styles are more artistic, borrowing from popular culture – using Homer and Marge from The Simpsons, or dressing the figures as Santa and Mrs. Claus Restrooms in places like banquet halls that frequently host weddings and other formal events might sport the outlines of figures in a tuxedo and a wedding dress.

New takes on "Men" and "Women"
"Guys" and "Gals," "Dudes" and "Dolls," "Damas" and "Caballeros" - there is no end to the slang that can bring a little fun to the functional text found on a bathroom sign. Making your restroom door sign unconventional can add a dash of extra flavor to your venue’s theme.

Friendly reminders
Courtesy signs remind users to behave in a way that leaves the space at least as clean and pleasant as they found it. You can use your imagination, but a few G-rated courtesy sign slogans are: "This is not a reading room"; "Vintage pipes: less is more"; and "Please knock: or be surprised." Getting slightly more "adult" in nature, there is a "no smoking"-style sign that discourages flatulence, and a sign with Uncle Sam directing, "I want YOU to put out that cigarette."

Even the ubiquitous and legally required "Employees must wash hands before returning to work" signs can get in on the fun. In one example, the phrase is followed by "and moonwalk out of restroom." Another creative example reads "Employees must wash hands." followed by "If an employee is not available, please wash your own."

Bathroom Humor Signs Bathroom signs with a sense of humor can elaborate on a business’s theme, diffuse anxieties,and put people at ease.
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