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Decorative Restroom Signs
Have you ever thought about what your restroom signs are saying about your establishment – be it an office, store or restaurant? From the moment that a client, customer or employee approaches a building...
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When you need to go, you need to go – and without signage, you can find yourself in some seriously unpleasant situations. Posting restroom signs aren't just a courtesy for people who may not know their way around - they're also the subject of law, regulated according to the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Bathroom signs affect everybody; they deal with our most private time. They can be brashly funny, they can be delicate, or they can be generic, but they always have to be the subject of a little forethought. What if your bathroom is unisex? What if the men's and women's rooms are far apart on the same floor? How should you address the messes that occasionally happen in bathrooms? Do you need to provide accommodations like nursing rooms or diaper changing areas? In these pages, you'll find out about restroom sign conveniences, regulations, and more.

Unisex restroom signs
Unisex or gender-neutral restrooms have long been used in spaces where square footage is in short supply, such as college dorms and bars and clubs in crowded cities.

ADA Rest room signs
The identification of restrooms in public, commercial and government spaces is an important component of the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG) for Buildings and Facilities.

Humorous restroom signage
Let's face it: restroom business is an awkward subject. And even if you don't particularly enjoy toilet humor, having a little fun addressing the topic can help take the edge off nature's unavoidable call.

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